BAFFI Furniture
“Don’t trust words, Trust Baffi”
Established in 2016, BAFFI Furniture is a distinguished 100% Turkish furniture provider company
based in Nigeria.

Over the years, they have risen to prominence as a market leader in the sales,
distribution, and manufacturing of furniture, setting a benchmark for excellence in the industry.

Starting with humble roots in Abuja, BAFFI Furniture’s unwavering commitment to delivering top notch products and exceptional customer experiences has catapulted them to become a formidable
force in the furniture market. Today, their brand is synonymous with luxury, sophistication, and
comfort, and they take immense pride in transforming spaces and lives through their exceptional
furniture offerings.

Their Expansive Presence
As a testament to their growing prominence in the Nigerian furniture market, BAFFI Furniture proudly
boasts an extensive network of showrooms strategically located across key cities in the country. Their
showrooms serve as elegant hubs where customers can experience the finesse and allure of their
furniture collections firsthand.

Currently, they have:
4 Showrooms in Abuja
2 Showrooms in Kano
1 Showroom in Lagos
These showrooms not only reflect their commitment to accessibility but also serve as a testament to
the trust placed in them by customers across Nigeria.

Their Distinctive Approach
At BAFFI, they transcend beyond selling mere furniture; they believe in selling a lifestyle that befits
everyone’s aspirations. Their products embody elegance, providing a seamless blend of aesthetics and
comfort. Whether it’s the subtle minimalist designs or the opulence of luxurious pieces, they cater to
diverse tastes and styles, offering a wide range of options that resonate with their clients’ desires.

Their vision at BAFFI Furniture is to emerge as the premier furniture company not only in Nigeria but
also as the number one furniture brand in Africa, setting the standard for innovative and superior
quality products. They envision a future where their furniture not only enhances spaces but elevates
lifestyles, becoming an integral part of their customers’ daily experiences.

Their mission is deeply rooted in creating value for their customers. They achieve this by establishing
strong customer relations and providing exceptional after-sales services. For Baffi, luxury and comfort
extend beyond the tangible products; they embody the respect and trust they instil in their
relationships with their valued clientele.

In Baffi, they are committed to delivering furniture of the highest quality, crafted with precision
and excellence, ensuring that every piece bears the hallmark of durability and timeless elegance.

Baffi’s dedication to customer satisfaction extends well beyond the point of
sale. They prioritize providing comprehensive after-sales support, ensuring their customers’ delight with
their purchases long after they have adorned their spaces.

Trust and respect form the foundation of their interactions with their clients
and partners. They aim to forge enduring relationships that reflect their unwavering commitment to
transparency and integrity.

BAFFI Furniture remains steadfast in their pursuit of excellence. With a
commitment to delivering luxury, comfort, and innovation, thwy strive to redefine the furniture
landscape in Nigeria and beyond.

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