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For over a decade we have been solely committed to recognising, honoring and celebrating men and women who have contributed to the development of Nigeria, Africa. The recipients are awarded in recognition of their courageous actions and exemplary leadership. These heroes have manifested a life and leadership style that distinguish them from ordinary citizens or politicians, they have used their public office as a key instrument to better the lives of many. This award was launched to show appreciation to them and encourage them to keep up the good work, Nigeria deserves more of men and women like them and we believe if we celebrate the outstanding leaders we have, others will be encouraged to do a good work in their various offices. There are many individuals that have fought and worked hard for the betterment of Nigeria citizens and to such individuals much is owed. We place them on a pedestal because their special qualities set them apart, they persevered and succeeded (mostly) in the face of adversity and often ridicule from their political mates. The profound influence of these heroes in our daily lives can never be overemphasised, these heroes come in various guises, we have First Ladies using their office to feed children and empower women, we have Members of parliaments that are not biased and are scrutinising every action of the government to ensure it favours the people, Senators fighting for human rights, Governors repairing their state and launching projects to better the people’s standard of living and many more, this award also recognise businessmen and women that are not politicians but whose actions towards the advancement of the country cannot be overlooked. Their actions give the upcoming generation a glimpse of their own potential and inspire them to achieve more. With this award, the title Advocate of Democracy is conferred upon the recipients, everybody believes they are an advocate of democracy but not all act it out, with this award we are certifying that these individuals deserve the title. Great leaders that can inspire and empower others are heroes, they have shown us a clear mission of their service to the country, Nigerians need these heroes, people that won’t conform to the already broken system, people that are ready to do the extra work to ensure that the fundamental principles that binds us as a continent is preserved, their actions give us hope for a better Nigeria, Africa someday.

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